"With Right Start Music I don't have to drive to another studio, I don't have to conform to their time, they will work with me and figure out a time that works for us." - Regina F.

"If Right Start Music didn't come to the house we probably would not be able to do both music lessons and sports." - Denise S.

"It makes life a lot easier. With three kids in sports and school, all we do is drive." - Jane T.

"I would recommend Right Start to anyone looking for a music teacher for their child and their home visit model is super convenient." - Brian H

"As a busy mom, I love that the lessons are at home so I don't have to drive all over town. The lessons are enjoyable, productive, convenient and affordable." Michelle L.

"An amazing experience, and no traffic! I am recommending Right Start to all my friends for their kids, too!" - Susie L.​

"It's an excellent service: super easy to set up and really flexible with our schedules." - Mary M.

"It doesn't cause any extra hassle for the week, it is just an easy way for your kids to do music and a fun way for them to learn." - Jane T.

"When someone comes to our house it just makes everything possible. They can do the sports that they want to do and can still fit their music in." - Regina F.

"As a parent, it is very stressful trying to juggle all the activities, and having the teacher come to the house relieves one portion of stress from my life." - Kitti H.

"The lessons are clear, easy to follow and we've seen real progression in just a few months. My children love their lessons." - Jill B.

"It couldn't be a more perfect match. This is the first time she has really enjoyed and looks forward to her lessons. I would highly recommend Right Start Music." - Julie A.

"Always on time, very friendly and professional! All the staff at Right Start Music have been wonderful." - Charmaine E.

"It gives me time to get caught up on other things at home and it makes a huge difference" - Denise S.


"Having that extra time really does relieve the stress and it makes me feel very happy and relieved" - Kitti H.

"Most of all, I love that I can cook dinner and get work done while the lesson is going on." - Mary L.

"It doesn't interfere with my dinner schedule, it doesn't interfere with the chores that I have to do around the house, I am still able to get things done." - Kitti H.

"Knowing that you can come home after school and do what you need to do and then your teacher comes, it feels like you can get a lot more done." - Regina F.

"I can do things for myself, for my husband, for my son, and her guitar lessons do not interfere with the rest of my life." - Kitti H.

"I can get some time to do what I need and that's a stress reliever for the end of the night." - Regina F.

"Again, thank you to you and Mrs Audrey so much. We appreciate you both more than we can say." - Karly B.

"Oh my goodness, we cannot say enough kind things about you both. We truly appreciate you two so much. The kindness we have experienced with you both is like no other we have ever had (and we have met so many very nice people in life and business). Thank you so much for everything. You two are the BEST!" - Karly B.

"She absolutely adores her teacher and I am impressed with her progress in such a short time. It has been a great experience and I am so happy to have found Right Start Music!" - Jen L.

"This company truly cares about their students!" - Rukhsana M.

"My daughter even asked, 'why didn't we do this sooner?'  Right Start Music is fabulous!" - Vannessa G.

"I've never seen my son so excited about learning! Overall a quality group who really care about their students." - Mike H.

"If your kid is interested in music then call Right Start Music. They're awesome, you can't get any better!" - Megan W.

"She comes out with a beaming smile after every lesson. What's even better, she doesn't see practicing as a chore but as a joyful hobby." - Kristen W.

"I would definitely recommend Right Start Music to anyone who wants an awesome music teacher for their kids. Thumbs up!" - Michelle L.

"Both my children love him! He actually cares about his students and he always makes sessions SUPER fun... THE BEST hands down!!!!" - Anita M.

"It has been an AMAZING experience to see our daughter's confidence grow (she is usually very shy)." - Karly B.

"People this is the greatest place! It's a must go to place if you want to take piano lessons!" - Silvia G.

"My daughter has improved tremendously and actually looks forward to her lessons since we switched to classes at home with Right Start." - Erica G.

"The highest caliber of teacher - prompt, courteous, meticulous, creative and fun." - Emily D.

"I would highly recommend Right Start Music to anyone who loves music. They make you love it even more!" - Jamee S.

"They are very good with kids and overall we are very, very pleased with our experience." - Kitti H.

"As a family, we love Right Start Music. They have really become a part of our life." - Regina F.

"We saw results pretty immediately with both kids because they are very excited about what they're doing and they're practicing" - Denise S.

"My daughter really looks forward to her lessons and learning to play in the comfort of our home." - Jennifer T.

"Our girls have made great progress while having fun, too. We couldn't be happier." - Ryan G.